Bee My Memory Quilts are created from your loved ones clothing and can have up to 50 characters of personalised embroidery added. A memory quilt has an extra layer of wadding sandwiched in between the clothes and backing layers.This gives it the feel and look of a traditional quilt and are a great way to hold on to something physical when you need some extra comfort. If you want to have one made as a gift for someone but can’t access the clothes, why not consider one of our new gift vouchers?

  • Number of Clothes: 25 adult sized garments minimum
  • Length: see variations
  • Width: see variations
  • Type: Quilt
  • Cover material:  Cotton
  • Fill material: Bamboo / cotton Wadding
  • Design: Patchwork mosaic style, different size patches
  • Made to order
  • Gift Voucher Available